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There are proposals now being developed that may in the not too distant future identify those entities.

Super interesting. Can you elaborate a bit of what those entities would be? Are they some kind of Bosons?

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My big dream is to make an isometric Fallout(ish) game with a lot of focus on the combat. Make the weapons as realistic as possible with authentic sound, energy and ballistics. A bit like Xcom, but with a much more realistic environment and gameplay. I still remember the joy of wiping out raiders with criticals from a minigun in Fallout 1 and 2

I am relatively proficient with 3ds max and have considered making an unplayable version of a level to showcase gamestyle.

How difficult would it be to create a simple, playable, isometric level if you have the 3D environment and characters? I have imported some of my models into Unity and it looks fine.

The problem is taking a dead invironment and imported characters to the point where it's semi-playable. How difficult is it?

I have considered picking up an Isometric toolkit from the asset store.

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What would be your dream game if you had 100 million dollars and UE5 and PS 5 ?

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What type of CAD software do you use?

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I remember reading about farm methods which actual could make agriculture co2 negative. Carbon farming.

With minimal plowing and disruption of the soil and the use of organic material as fertilizer it would even be possible to create co2 negative meat.

Do you think there is a realistic potential in carbon farming ?