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Hi Tom, thanks for doing this. This is going to be a pretty long post, so I understand if you don’t want to answer all of the questions. Any you do answer will be greatly appreciated.

1: What do you believe was your best performance ever?

2: Who, other than Colton, do you think has had the most impressive rookie season from the past two or three years?

3: How much use does the practice/testing facility get? I saw that there was a #MoreMonsterJam track set up there. How many of the drivers used it? Did Colton practice the backflip he did in Des Moines at all?

4: Did you cleanly land the frontflip during testing?

5: Have you ever made any practice double backflip attempts?

6: Do you think a rear engine setup would be better for the stunt truck?

7: During the double backflip special on Fox Sports 1, you said the rear steering made the second rotation difficult. Why not get rid of the rear steering on the stunt truck? You barely used it in East Rutherford.

8: If you could drive any other truck for one show, what would it be and why?

9: Do you use Rigs of Rods or any other type of simulator? If you do, do you feel like you benefit from it?

10: A few drivers have spoken out against some of Monster Jam’s decisions this year, namely fan judging and track design. Do you feel like either of these have been an issue this year? How would you improve them?

11: Which body style of Max-D do you prefer, the 2003-2012 body, the 2013 LED (Non spiked) body, or the current spiked design? Which paint scheme?

12: Do you think the hesitation by officials to use the RII is an issue at all? We see a lot of upside-down trucks with the throttles pinned.

13: What is your favorite track you’ve ever competed on?

14: Do you like the new “hybrid” arena tracks or do you prefer when there’s racing in arenas?

15: How do the BKT tires handle compared to what you used previously?

16: Why don’t you compete when you’re attempting a major stunt?

17: Think you could upgrade my seats for Foxboro? ;)

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My currents seats are in section 103, in the black circle.