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The extradition law exists now, but the gov. is launching an amendment to include China as one of the countries to extradite criminals to.

HK is not harbouring anyone from China now, as far as I know. The aim of the protest was to prevent the law from passing, which may cause HKers being arrested and extradited to China.

Carrie Lam as the Chief Executive, showed no concern about the protest. Over 1million people went on a demonstration on 9 June. And this today. She merely said "oh this is a controversial issue, I understand, but these protestors are trying create a riot and harm the benefit of HK." Her attitude is very infuriating. Also, a lot of HKers think that she is a puppet of the Chinese government, meaning that this could be coming from Beijing.

We're protesting to protect our future, and the future of our future generations. Theoretically, this is just another extradition law and political criminals should not be affected. However, the Chinese and HK judiciary system are not trustworthy at all. We're scared that the Chinese gov./HK gov. will frame dissidents of crimes included in the law (for instance, business-related laws), then extradite them to China for trial. This will severely harm the freedom of speech, freedom of press and rule of law in HK.

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This is not a stupid question at all!

Technically, HK is part of China now (unlike Taiwan). HK is not recognised as a country by the international society, and it is now part of China under the principal of "One country, Two systems", meaning that China has no right to intervene with the operation/ decision making of the HK gov. or judiciary. So the Chinese government cannot exert direct control over HK.

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Honestly I don't even know if I am safe anymore. I suppose what I am saying online are pretty neutral and unbiased, just trying to present the facts to foreigners.

The news are very depressing, I bet you can imagine. My social circle is mostly youngsters, and many got hurt. Some other people in the society, the pro-government people are pissed that a bunch of youngsters are trying to sabotage the safety of the society. But everyone is really angry, either at the government or at the protestors.

I am posting this to raise attention. Putting political stance aside, attacking a member of the press is not right. Reporters and their colleagues should be protected from such brutal attacks.

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Thanks. Every bit of support means a lot to us now.

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It will not be surprising to me that many HKers (the rich ones) are planning to immigrate. However, not everyone is able to do that.

More importantly, HK is our home. This is where most of us were born in, raised in, and lived our entire lives in. It may sound silly to those who live in countries involved in actual armed conflicts, but we're just trying to protect our beloved city, because it is our home.