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Check out the programs at NAU too - I have a buddy that is doing astrophysics there and he's having a blast. It's a little cheaper than UofA tuition wise...cost of living might be a bit more since Flagstaff is so small.

Also, check out your local community college and see if you can start taking free classes while you're still in High School. It might be a good idea to get all of your lower level classes out of the way at the CC before you xfer. AZ has a pretty sweet xfer program from the CC to the 4 year. Check out Central Arizona Community college - they have lots of free two year rides and PTK has very sweet scholarship for the next two years at the 4 year.

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Are you canning on your woodstove or using a propane burner? What kind of goodies have you made this year?

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Can you finish high school online? Does your country have some sort of high school equivalent like the US has the GED?