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How did you develop your privacy policy, and how have you secured the private journal aspect? Do you plan to monetize the app, and if so, how?

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The problem is that he hasn't said anything explicitly about what he plans to do with the data of people who use this app. Mental health apps that are monetized can sell data, just like any free(mium) app. Before using Happy, I would want to know whether he plans to make money off of my data, and if so, how, and what my rights are.

I don't begrudge anyone making money. I do begrudge people who aren't transparent about how data is used.

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Thank you, but this doesn't really answer my questions.

There is an enormous amount poor security and data exploitation among mental health apps. You are asking people to journal--i.e. share very intimate details about their mental health--with your app. If you want Happy to succeed, you should be able to give very concrete answers to people about how you plan to use and protect their data.

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So far we haven't seen much to indicate that we should trust that O used smart practices, though.

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What question are your family and friends asking you the most these days?