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Are you ok? From one victim of abuse to another. When I first started talking about my personal situation of sexual abuse and stalking a really great man told me one thing that changed my life. "It's not your fault!" Those four words I clung to for years, through court. through recovery, and through the anxiety that I still have many years later. I just hope that they can offer some kind of refuge to someone. Because, really, It's not your fault. Also.. Speak loud, and proud. I am Canadian, and we are seeing a serious emergence of suicides because of online bullying and abuse.

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Do you have many repeat customers? And how do you deal with writers block? Also, do you make much money as a street side smut peddler?

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Good afternoon from East Coast Canada (eh) ! How do you get your little ones excited about being creative?

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You play my favorite character in Star Trek! I don't really have any questions, so..How are you? 😉

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Lol. You are so down to earth! Why do you do street side written porno? I work well with a deadline also.
Edit.. I just read your answer down below! :)