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The "show" part is that they attempt to convince you this is all there is to North Korea, that it's 100%, not 0.1%.

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Were you ever worried for your safety/life?

Do they still put up this big show of perfection?

Have you managed to truly interact with any North Koreans, or was it all just a part of the show?

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Why did you think that they understand English? Also, I'm not surprised that they ignored your attempts to communicate. Who knows what would be done to them if they did communicate with someone from the "sad world" without permission?

Have you been to South Korea? If so, how would you compare the people? If not, did your visit to North Korea make you think about South Korea any differently? Did it make you want to visit it more or less?

Have you watched The Interview? What's your opinion of that movie? (Obviously it's not realistic at all, no need to point that out, but I'm still curious to know what you think about it)

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Oh I'm sure it's not that bad for you as a tourist, but still, do you think that you've seen the actual suffering going on in there during your visits? Even outside of Pyongyang, I'm sure they have the well-off people and the poor people. They choose what you can see, right? You can't just go wherever you want.

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I don't doubt it. Basically, the show theyre putting up is real, only for the elites