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I have been to several mental health professionals and tried medication over the last 15 years, but I've run out of the more main stream options to treat my depression. Are there professionals who are currently treating the public with psychedelics or is it's use limited to studies?

When I brought it up to my previous therapist, they were sceptical and didn't know anyone employing this method.

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Thank you! Acquiring the mushrooms isn't the issue unfortunately, I would need a professional to guide me through the trip from the outside for it to work.

Already had some great trips with a sitter :) but I do not think your average trip and the ones they complete in the studies are the same thing.

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That's a great idea actually! I guess if I obtain the mushrooms, they don't have to put their license at risk. Thank you for the advice.

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Agreed. My body has had horrible or allergic reactions to everything they've put me on before I gave up on that avenue of treatment.