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When YOU meet someone, what do you look for in an individual to truly classify him/her as 'Interesting'? In other words, how does the most interesting man in the world classify someone else as 'interesting'?

Also, do you think this charm/charisma of the individual is inborn or developed over time?

Thanks for the AMA. Huge fan!

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This one is for the journalists - Based on the 2016/2020 pre-election polls, that predicted a higher probability of a Clinton/Biden win, how will you educate the voting public on interpreting those polls correctly next time?

In other words, after what the 2016/2020 polls showed, how can we ever trust the media, specifically the different polls, from media outlets ever again?

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Thanks for an interesting AMA! I remember the very cool Smarter Everyday video in the Amazon.

When you go into the Amazon, or any rainforest, how do the eyes of a field biologist perceive flora and fauna? Do you have a specific methodology, or a set of instructions you personally follow? Or do you go with the flow, the more you explore?

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Thanks for the AMA. We need more individuals like you.

Polls show the country is more polarized than ever. Which means, the conservatives TEND to only align with other conservatives, watch only conservative leaning news channels, and follow politicians/celebrities who align with their thought process. Same with the liberals.

My question is, as someone who is running for office, how do you overcome this barrier with people (especially in a conservative state), who don't really want to listen to someone with different values?

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Thank you for an insightful response. Just had a quick follow-up question.

Since most of us will probably not work in a psych ward, but are often confronted with risky and sticky situations you mention above, what are some things from your individual perspective could help us be more aware? Also, could you give us an example where you talked your way out of such a situation?