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with a can opener?

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Was the Clayton Bigsby black white supremacist skit hilarious or not?

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as a side question regarding OCD.

To explain, to compensate for my OCD fixations, I have been just convincing and telling myself, "Yes I've done this, I don't need to check it... or I've done that, I don't need to do it again." ...I don't need to check I've locked the shed door... I don't need to check I have turned something off or on. But then it turns into complacency and I'm convinced I've done it...

But later I will discover I HAVEN'T and it totally ruins me for months and I'm back to checking and rechecking and re-rechecking. there is no just check one time... it's always check again because you're stupid and didn't do it before and I can't trust myself. I can't trust myself to do it and that's it. I can't check one time because I have to continue to keep checking.

How does one work past this "binary" reaction of all or nothing?

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I have a cheapish bissel bag less upright... And vacuum all the time, but my carpet always has stuff I'm finding on it. Is it just a shitty vacuum, a shitty job of vacuuming, or are my kids just slobs with a constant stream of shit falling off them?

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Ever hide any Easter eggs in the covers?