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Thank you so much for replying! Here is Kate's Youtube channel. She is extremely talented! She not only covers existing video game music but sometimes will write her own lyrics to them and plays multiple instruments for just about all of them. I'm especially a fan of her Final Fantasy IX covers because that game and the soundtrack doesn't get enough credit!

If there's any way I can help you guys come back to Detroit, please let me know anything that could help! I'm friends with a ton of nerdy people, not to mention the Youmacon anime/video game convention is held here every year, so I think the people there would love to help bring you guys back here!

And I'm so happy you love Legend of Dragoon, but especially that you love Legacy of Kain! Hell yeah real vampires!!!

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Three questions!

1) Have you ever considered working with Kate Covington (Katethegreat19 on Youtube) for your shows?

2) Do you think you'll ever play the Ozar Midrashim from The Legacy of Kain Series or music from The Legend of Dragoon?

3) Will you ever come back to Detroit? We miss you!