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You can absolutely have migraine aura without the migraines, which is what my neurologist believes may be the case for me. I don't get them either.

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Thanks for raising awareness of this. I have this too, and when I first brought it up to my optometrist she looked at me like I was crazy- I was totally embarrassed.
Then it started to get much worse a few years ago, and I confided to my boss and she gave me the name of her doctor. My night vision is now almost non-existent, and I'm seeing neurologists for it - MRI is normal but the other visual tests are not. They've tested me for MS, Lyme disease, and brain tumors (the tests are continuing).
This is a maddening condition. You can't think. You can't concentrate and your anxiety increases. When you stress, the visual snow gets worse, which in turn increases the anxiety. It's an awful cycle and people don't understand how bad this is.

Also, OP, if you can't afford a neurologist you might want to give topamax a try? It's just a migraine medication, can be prescribed by a regular doctor in the same way they'd treat chronic migraine, some people with visual snow due to persistent migraine aura have had some success with it. I'm trying it now but no luck for me yet. Fingers crossed. Just thought I'd throw it out there. :)

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Fair enough! Just thought I'd let you know what my neurologist is trying out on me since its such a common medication. :)