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Marijuana contains molecules that are extremely effective in preventing seizures. I would look into it if you're interested in getting off some of the prescriptions you take. There are specially prepared oils and tinctures that you can take that do not get you "high", but still have been shown to drastically reduce the amount and severity of seizures.

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Glad for your dog! Not only is it effective for treating epileptic seizures, but also seizures related to other disorders. I used to work with developmentally disabled children, and spoke to many parents who used solely CBD to treat their children's seizures. I've seen the effects first hand, and it's truly astounding. It's because of the massive amount of money big pharma makes on the drugs CBD/THC would make obsolete. Here's a link to read more about the subject. I couldn't find a link to the study itself, but this article cites it. link

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It's not unstudied at all. If you would follow my link above you'll see some of the study results. The op also stated below that they would bring it up with their doctors, meaning they are interested. Educate yourself.

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CBD is generally not considered "psychoactive", so it would come with little side effects. It's a hell of a lot safer than any prescription pill. Seizure drugs are nasty stuff.