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likethesearchengine47 karma

Is there any ethical diamond mining, in your opinion?

likethesearchengine8 karma

My opinion is kind of meaningless. The way you phrase it sounds fine, but I am not educated in the subject enough to add much of anything.

Typically, the ethics of diamond mining seem to be presented around the "blood diamonds," or the oppressed people who are forced to work to extract diamonds. The climate angle is a new one to me. Supposedly the diamond that my wife has came from a mine in Canada as opposed to Africa (I'm told that's what the inscription on the crown of the stone means), but when the ethics of diamond mining are viewed through a climate-oriented lens, I'm not sure that makes a difference.

In the end, even from a more traditional perspective, I'm not sure there is a net difference in where the diamond is mined if it supports the same companies.