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It’s easy to get the impression from these recent events that infrastructure is fairly easy to attack. What do you think is the likelihood that either a state or a rogue group takes down some critical infrastructure for a long period of time that severely disrupts life—something that would be equivalent to essentially destroying infrastructure in a war?

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How are people still able to set up fake accounts these days given all the security and authentication that seems to be in place around the account setup?

What does Facebook do with an account that it identifies as inauthentic?

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I guess my question is whether anyone will do it out of a more malevolent motivation than just getting a ransom - like a motivation to really do serious harm to people.

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Thanks. I didn’t know about it. Do you know why it was limited to the Ukraine? Would it be just as easy for something like that to happen in a larger country?

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Thanks. So then what’s your best advice for people who want to use it but don’t want to inadvertently encourage something that isn’t ethically produced? (For instance, is something like OnlyFans a positive development or not?)