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Got it. Dudes should be directors and producers, then hire themselves as talent. I am on it!

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I haven't been to strip clubs much since 2000. Have things changed with the internet? All the strippers dancing now would have grown up with hardcore porn a click away. Do you think girls are more sexual now than the older generation?

I had a friend in the 99-01 era that was a pretty smart, financially successful stripper.

She had a set of regulars that she scheduled for different nights, and which time of the night, she had a recruiting strategy for finding the most lucrative customers (old or unattractive customers wearing nice clothes/shoes and by themselves. Avoid frat parties), it was as planned out as any sales campaign. She made a lot of money, I would guess almost $200,000 a year. She really worked hard for it though, keeping all the regular customers happy. She never slept with any of them; it was the kiss of death for cash flow she said, and she was happily married also.

How much planning like this do you do?

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like electric cars will subsume gas powered cars in the next 30 years? one takes over because it's just better?