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have you looked at atmospheric deposition of elemental mercury? Some places like Utah have a yearly deposition of enough mercury to cause hand tremors in dentists, who, in their golden days, had a disproportionately high amount of suicides, possibly due to mercury exposure

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I pitched this as a study during my masters, where I would try to get access to the baseline data for the National Atmospheric deposition program maps, you can see here


Overlay that with suicide rates in a GIS program and see if anything statistically significant kicks out.

It appears that a stratified random sampling protocol for the country using piss tests for mercury could substantiate a relationship.

The problem is that suicide is a higher order condition, and the effects of mercury are an exacerbation of normal and common stress, bipolar, etc. symptoms found in people. So making the correlation without a biomarker tying them to exposure is almost worthless.

So if you got any environmental toxicology folks who are good at getting grant funding, this is an exciting potential option.

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He hired a sherpa to answer all the questions for him to make sure that it was safe.