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Are there any connections between SAD and creativity?

Side note: I'm sure your tracking that David Lynch is a strong champion for TM.

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Thanks for responding!

I just read David Lynch's book Catching the Big Fish and learned a lot.

I'm a former Army Chaplain working with PTSD programs and have a documentary coming out called, No Greater Love. I came across TM from David Lynch's foundation and became very interested in it as a way to help vets struggling with PTSD. I've become a strong proponent for drugs being the last course of action and only after all other methods have been tried and a SPECT scan and full eval shows a definite need. I've had too many chases of guys coming back like pharmaceutically induced, lobotomized, zombies; unable to function and unable to process their trauma. Please understand, I'm not anti-pharma, just believe we are mismanaging it as a whole with our service members and veterans.

Have there been an studies done to introduce TM into the military?

I'm very interested in your books and will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for doing the AMA!