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Do you miss being super popular on reddit, and has the shift in popularity on reddit affected you?

I used to see every single video you posted reach the front page, now I dont see any videos from you posted on here.

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Do you think you will try to do something like after effects ever?

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NSAIDS can cause acute renal failure by inhibiting prostoglandin production by the kidney which keep the afferent arterioles to the kidney open. 1 kidney means a higher chance of this happening

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Honestly, since you said you just lost 30 pounds and have just started taking care of yourself, and if you think that you may become diabetic/are already pre-diabetic you should probably wait and see if someone else can fill his need. Diabetes is the number 1 reason for kidney failure. Yeah, your remaining kidney would compensate for the lost one over time, but you would only have 1 to fall back on if you do develop diabetes.

If I'm wrong and you are healthy in most ways and think you can continue to take care of yourself well. Why not go to see your doctor and get some more info? It can't hurt.

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Part of the problem is matching though. The better the match the longer the organ will last. You also are not guaranteed to find a match for someone should they need one.