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I'm typing this on my Windows Phone with a flip-out keyboard. I'll even take upside-down if you make a WP app.

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Any author's field is heavily populated, especially yours. How did you get your books to stand out? Did you self-publish ebooks exclusively? What methods did you use to increase your sales?

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Nothing to ask, but you just gained a new subscriber!

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As a reader, I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. Sometimes I'll preview the first few pages of a book with an ugly cover, but rarely.

Writing more makes sense. Is it safe to assume your first book or two (or three) didn't sell so well?

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I've never heard of your book before, but thanks to this AmA I have added it to my reading list. After adding your book to my list, Amazon offered some other highly reviewed books about lucid dreaming.

So my question is, what makes your book different or better than the books already on the market?