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Approximately how many jobs are their in the world for Astrobiologists?

I ask because I once had a secretary that had a PhD in 14th Century French Literature. I asked her why she got a PhD in that (huge education debt) and little job prospects. She told me that there were 3 maybe 4 jobs in the entire world for her education. Talk about getting an "education" the hard way.

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SF? Wow!!! How much human feces have you picked up?

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Just spoke to my congressman's office (ID) and they are getting a lot of calls on this in favor of the Amash amendment.

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Good for you, just keep going. In 3rd grade I was removed from my house and placed in an orphanage (that place was horrible kinda like a prison). However I was placed with a wonderful foster family. Fast forward 30 some years I'm a very sucessful doctor with a great life. I'm convinced that childhood pain either destroys a person for life or gives them a drive to be successful.

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how do you prevent gliosis (reaction to the sensors on/in the brain)? I'm sure this will make the sensors less responsive over time. Is that true?