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Okay, hope to hear from you later :-)

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Good morning from the UK.

I am a 19f who suffers with endo. Both I and my partner have a lot of decisions to make and it's getting us down. He is unbelievably supportive like yourself and comforts me any way he can. I guess I am asking:

  1. Has your other half struggled with dealing with the emotional side of things!? Sometimes I can get severely down about my condition and I don't know how to deal with it.

  2. How do you cope? Sometimes I know I can take my grumpiness with my broken womb(as we call it) out on him and I don't mean to, he seems to cope really well but as I said we have lots of decisions to make and he seems so calm.

Many thanks for doing this, need to get awareness up !

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Firstly thank you for the great reply, and doing the AMA. You are a great man for not only sticking by your SO but raising awareness for the condition

I have the upmost sympathy for her, since I have had the condition I have developed a small fear of leaving the house and struggle to do so without someone with me. It's a horrible condition that seriously affects not only your physical needs but sometimes the mentality of a sufferer needs some care.

I think your SO,is mighty lucky to have your Buddhist like optimism. Is there anything in particular that you do when your partner has a really bad series of pain/bleeding etc?