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liamdawe1877 karma

Can we please get an update on when we are likely to see Counter Strike Global Offensive for Linux?

liamdawe245 karma

Just a personal thank you for the SS3 Linux port, because of this me and my partner both purchased copies. We will also be sure to buy SS4 once it's on Linux, big thank you!

liamdawe60 karma

A few questions for the Linux crowd: Is the Linux version being done in-house?
How hard has it been to support Linux?
What sort of sale numbers are you expecting from the Linux crowd?

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Any plans for any Linux versions of your games? As you may know Linux is a growing platform and we even have Steam itself on it now so distribution shouldn't be an issue.

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Will you ever release The Witness for Linux?
Also, hi, apologies for butting heads in the past.