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I too consider suicide each morning at breakfast.

Then the coffee starts to work.

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Would you say you have a checkered past?

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I heard that the daughter of a Chinese woman here in America got a hundred texts about the coronavirus. People here are overreacting and in a racist way. Not hateful, but discriminatory. Thoughtless.

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Please read this. https://www.buzzfeed.com/joeloliphint/is-empty-nose-syndrome-real-and-if-not-why-are-people-killin?utm_term=.oqMnK71K8#.halPZR7Z3

It may help you. It lists doctors who can help. Implants are an option. Without the feeling of breathing and turbulence and resistance, your body feels like it's not getting enough air even if it is. But the good news is that they can treat it. Please keep on advocating for yourself. You don't deserve to feel this way for the rest of your life. The turbinates seem to be very important to breathing, and removing them interferes with at least the feedback your brain and body need to be able to regulate your breathing.

You should get your doctor to put an oxygenation sensor on you to see if you are indeed getting enough oxygen. It might be that you are but without those nerves your body can't tell. It's a real problem, not just psychological, but you might be able to learn to adapt and trust that your body is getting enough oxygen even if it is telling you that you aren't.

It seems to me, a layman, that the turbinates provide feedback that your breathing is correct. Via sensation and air resistance and flow. Without those sensations you have no way of knowing how you are breathing.

Anyway, I sincerely believe that you have a real problem and can benefit from treatment, and I hope you get the treatment you need.

Praying for you.

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It seems like you have a level of skill far beyond your own estimation of yourself. You are humble, and that is at least as impressive as your skill level and intelligence.

I'm so glad you made this for the world.