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Not OP, but the natural sequence of events would roughly be:

Decide on a specific audience that should absolutely LOVE the film. Preferably down to a fictitious persona. Let's say: "Fiona 23, a free spirit who likes to immerse herself in books, cares deeply about the environment and human rights. She dreams about raising two kids with her husband in a small log cabin, but is currently working as a waitress in a vegan lunchbar in Boulder, Colorado."

Now you focus on making a script, soundtrack, filmography and so on that any person like Fiona would LOVE. You also try to get relatively obscure actors that have followers that look like Fiona. They are the influences, and they'll do the advertising to your core target audience.

This makes a very different film than if you were targeting "Gregory, the 56 year old economist who loves golf and to throw barbecues for his family and friends, and prioritizes his two teenagers over everything."

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I really don't think it's nefarious and hidden at all.

Take The LA Country club for instance. How come they pay property taxes around 200k a year when it should be around 90 million? This isn't some hidden dark secret, and it's not a fancy trick of numbers to make it seem bad... It's all out there in plain sight. The tax records are public. A few ultra rich people get subsidized 90 million a year to have the only real green area in LA fenced in so that they can play golf and hang out. The fee is not to cover the cost, it's there to keep YOU the fuck out.

Your tax money is sponsoring the rich fucks hobby and noone is even hiding it.

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Yea, I was about to ask them about that :)

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Unless you're a heavy smoker or have lung damage, you can reach 3 -3.5 minutes in a week or two practicing only a few basic techniques, and you'll be able to do it comfortably without hurting or pushing through fear or panic. If you want to go longer than that, then the expert tips starts to matter.

But to reiterate; You can comfortably reach 3.5 minutes on pure mechanics.

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Isn't this just a thing where you turn off location tracking, and they'll still keep track of the phone if you use Google apps that nerd location, plus pseudonymous tracking?

Is there more to it than that?