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When are you going to hold an AMA in /r/GaryJohnson? It's a group of supporters that want to help you with your AMA's.

We are also super organized supporters. We have lots of ideas/feedback and we use reddit to organize our thoughts and vote up the ideas we all think are good.

Think about it, we'll be here! /r/GaryJohnson

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What is the craziest thing you've seen in a bill or on cspan that wasn't covered by the major news networks?

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Thanks for the response!

/u/unknownman19 would be a good person to contact if you want to do an AMA in /r/GaryJohnson.

If you want to discuss how reddit can help you in general, feel free to PM me or contact me via my website - http://groupsrc.com/contact

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Lol "100% Certified NWO Free". Someone needs to make a stamp of that or something.

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The anticipation of this project has the cryptocurrency community buzzing. Lots of things are being said about why this will change everything or why it changes nothing or why it won't work.

What is the most common misconception/myth about the ethereum project that you've seen so far?