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thank you doctor.

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The CDC is getting funding (or rather it's budget) is determined by congress and are beneficiaries of the MSA agreement etc.. given the track record of previous FDA heads and links to big pharm etc both post and prior to their post, :

do you believe the CDC is compromised to some degree?

(respectfully) as they seem real slow to give proper information and as you said 90% fall into a particular subset which aren't as attractive to news agencies or seem to push forward the agenda of some big money lobbies...

(and thank you and all respect for your work)

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Thank you doctor, as you said : "The ingredients of virtually all e-cigarettes are: propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings. So every e-liquid is flavored.",

what is it that the bans that are plaguing many states or municipalities don't understand? as synthetic strawberry is as synthetic as tobacco flavors. I see no difference myself, and if they were to say, ban flavored alcohol like peppermint schnapps or wine coolers ("for the kids" as analogous argument to their gateway problems), perhaps it would be consistent. I just don't remember hearing the alarm bells over Mike's Hard Lemonade you know?

My father is Mayo Clinic surgeon, and even he is confused and sending the trope concerned emails we all are getting..

without being "tin foil hat", does it not seem that agenda's corresponding to release of, say the IQOS, that the conflation of problems seem to be a little too convenient, or is in your opinion, this just the modern press going for low lying fruit in click bait?