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Sign up to view?! Nah.

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The post is an ad with a half assed attempt to answer a question here or there

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Back in 2001 I worked for a tech company whose upper management were shifting all our eggs into one basket: a huge contract with BT - the British telco giant.

We on the ground we’re constantly questioning why the company was concentrating on a company that was regularly in the news for their financial woes.

But upper management just doubled down and assured us it was a sound strategy. Until early May when they brought everyone into the fancy newly renovated boardroom and fired us.

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They all dodged answering the question. Clearly we are already well into terraforming Uranus and Neptune.

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If I could be bothered I'd find a gif of the end of Sneakers when River Phoenix asks for the NSA agent's phone number. Instead let's all just watch the movie again.