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22 reported cases. Critically thinking, there may be unreported cases where people are poor, don't have health care, or little access to outside communication.

This article from 2018 suggests the virus is still around, even if immunity is high.

Polio workers collect sewage samples, usually from open drainage ditches, and test them for virus. If the test is positive, that means someone in the catchment area is infected and actively excreting it. Pakistan now has 53 sampling sites, more than any other country. And at a time when cases are the lowest on record, 16% of samples from across the country are testing positive.

“If you isolate a virus from a child, you know who is infected. When you find it in an environmental sample, you don’t know if three people are infected or 3000,” Maher explains.

One possible explanation for the disconnect is that AFP (acute flaccid paralysis) surveillance is missing cases.