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You guys have put them in a really tough position. If the admins now come in and fire all the mods, the integrity of AMA will basically be ruined. And now that you have control they can't monetize it how they want. Kudos for having the balls to stand up to them.

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In your video, you claim that Fairfax county, which is very wealthy, receives $20 million a year while Nottoway, which is very poor, only received $1 million a year. However, Fairfax county has an enrollment of 186,785 as of 2014, while Nottoway has an enrollment of 1,500. That would make the per student spending in Fairfax $107.07 while in Nottoway $416, a factor of more than three times per student. Do you think it was fair to present the data this way?

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Gotta preheat the oven.

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Double play.

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105 with humidity will absolutely slap you in the face.