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(phone commenting is difficult).

Though I check the subreddit almost daily, after one week of playing KSP several months ago (totalling 80 hours of game play) I have decided to not play KSP anymore. Why? Because you reminded me of why I went into physics and math in the first place. I've quit my dead end IT support job and am living off of savings while working to change my career goals back down the path I sought so long ago: to put people into space.

Thank you for changing my life Squad.

Post Squad reply edit: If anyone from SpaceX, Planetary Resources, JPL, NASA, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, etc, needs an IT support engineer with corporate experience that may or may not try to move out of that position within a year, please contact me directly. Note: I've made up everything in my comment history and none of the things I've said I've done or implied I've done are true.

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I'll be sure to say hi in a decade or two and express my appreciation once again. As long as I don't run out of money first :-)

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Fwiw, I have tic disorder, and exercise helps to an extent. What I've found is that exercise helps to improve "willpower", if that makes sense, which in turn helps me to voluntarily control the ticcing when I'm aware that I'm doing it. Additionally, stress greatly exacerbates the ticcing, and exercise helps to reduce stress.

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Not necessarily. A sneeze you can feel coming on, but often can't do much about. A tic, if you are aware of it, you can feel coming on, or at least the urge, the compulsion, to tic. You can fight it, but it takes more and more willpower by the second. Sometimes you win, but much of the time you just end up giving in.

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If I wanted to go from "I know basic physics, engineering, and project engineering" to a certifiably knowledgeable PV system designer, and do so fast, where do I start and what path do you recommend? For example, I'd like to be able to say "if relocate the inverters we may save on home run line losses but the new string losses do not sufficiently compensate" and have an idea of what I'm talking about when that starts a conversation.