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Hey! Love your work! I saw you at Red Rocks this summer and the emotion was insane. Keep rocking it! Okay, questions. Answer all or answer one, your pick:

1) What is your plan for Thunderbitch? Do you plan on keeping it a side project? How big do you want it to grow?

2) Is there any chance Thunderbitch might make a guest appearance at a Shakes concert?

3) I heard you really like Bowie (and you can tell through the Sound and Color video). Have you met him yet? What song would you love to cover by him?

4) What band or person, in all of music history, would you love to make an album with?

5) If you had to make a concept album, what would be the concept?

lemons2309 karma

Thanks for the reply! And please make the Five Years song cover happen! It would be so amazing to hear you belt out "WE GOT FIVVVVEEE YEEEAARRS!"