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Dude, you have literally so much to be disappointed by if you're obsessed with Wyoming lol

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I think that goes for a lot of larger states too. "There's a mountain and some waterfalls at the very edge of the state, must mean that the rest is beautiful and lush." No bro. I'm in WI and everyone who doesn't live here is always going on about the natural beauty whereas all I can think of is the miles and miles of dead grass and trash on the side of the highway.

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Why do they sedate peds patients but not adult patients?

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I've been there and it's the most hopelessly boring place on the planet, literally and figuratively next to North Dakota. Just miles and miles of nothing. The highways become backroads at some point and there are no people, even in the small towns. I don't see a huge distinction between wild west cattle ranching and just being a farmer in the midwest. At least in the midwest we have like.. trees. Most places.