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That's crazy. My scar is identical to yours, I also have horners syndrome which is very obvious with green eyes. Do you have issues with your eyebrow sweating from the horners? My tongue no longer sits straight and I have what many refer to as a phone sex operator voice. I aspirate like no ones business and have to turn my head to the right, the side my tumor was on, in order to swallow properly or yell loudly. How is your voice? Sorry for all the questions. I was 12/13 when I had my tumors removed and I feel like they butchered me, I am really interested in how everything ended up to affect you.

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I honestly have never known of anyone to have anything even remotely similar to what i had and you seem to be very close to identical. oh and we kinda look a like in that we are white blonde girls way.

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What nerves did you lose? Your situation is very similar to mine but I am 10 years out now missing 9th,10th, 11th, and 12th cranial base nerves and my jugular.