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If they wanted to make a "Parks and Rec" themed flavor, they could call it "Ben and Jerry's"

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My personal favorite is A Match Made In Space by George McFly.

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What was the process like for having your music video played on the Simpsons?? Did the producers contact you guys first, or was it more of a “omg, that’s us on the Simpsons!”

Caught your show a few months back in Bellingham, WA, and loved it! Looking forward to seeing you all again next time you hit the Pacific Northwest.

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Have you thought about documenting your internet-less life? I feel like in this day and age, being always-connected has quickly become a necessity... with jobs, socializing, shopping, et cetera. It'd be interesting to see someone's everyday life, in 2014, without the internet.

Maybe reach out to filmmakers and see if they'd be interested in making a documentary, you could call it "America Offline" or "Disconnected" or something like that. Might be a cool way to turn a shitty situation into something really interesting!

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First Canadian.