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This is a cool question. Never considered that.

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What would your compensation have been if they elected an abortion for you?

Also, what if something occurred where your life was put in danger in order to continue to carry the fetus and needed a medically necessary abortion, would they have been able to seek legal recourse to prevent that or sue you after the fact?

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Hi Nancy! Thanks for doing this AMA. I think it’s so important for the Ohio Valley (where i work and live) to not forget this incident so that mistakes are not repeated. But for our country to also be aware of the culture that fosters sexual violence and humiliation towards women. It is rarely mentioned around here nowadays, and there doesn’t seem to be much that has changed since the controversy died down. I am hoping the release of your film reignites the conversation not just here, but everywhere. The attitudes from back then are still actively at play. HS football is god, coaches are untouchable, sports are more important than academics. Many residents held disdain for the victim because football gives them a sense of pride, in their team and their coach, in their community. Anonymous held those in power accountable, and it is a tragedy that some of them faced prison and were sentenced for doing so.

My question is this: do you think anything truly changed in or around Steubenville years after the incident? Do the local schools offer prevention programs now, or are there any prevention initiatives in place?

Also—How can i prepare my own daughter to grow up in this area? How can we shape our little girls into strong women that will not tolerate this behavior?