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I have both laughed and cried simultaneously.

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YES! I hid it in my golf bag a couple years and it is now in OHIO being "bonefied".

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Doing an episode of Urban Legends, a leg in a grill on "The Family Guy " and Jimmy Kimmel, Wolf Blitzer, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America etc...This story has "LEGS" for sure. lol

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My Father's Cessna 182 Skylane. Carb icing was the cause of the crash in which every male in my family was in that plane. My Father died instantly.

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Since appearing on the Judge Mathis Show, I have been focusing on my recovery from addiction. Keeping that first in my life has enabled me to start my professional career again. I recently got my credentials in Heating and Air Conditioning. Tooling up and starting my own biz....Carolina Air Corps. It also has allowed me to finish this documentary. lol