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THIS. 100%, THIS.

Source: Hated school from day 1 myself. I remember asking my mom every year in 1st thru 5th grade if it was true I'd have to be in school with these other germy random kids I did not know until I was done with high school.

Sadly, every year she said yes and every year I wanted to crawl in a hole and die when she said it.

Some people my age act like high school and undergrad were their best years. I'm way happier as an adult. I get to make money to use for a place I think is nice to live, for things I want, I buy the foods I like, and if I do not want to work? I am lucky to have a job where I get paid time off. I have it made, even if I am a average office worker.

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What does the university "get back" in exchange for having a program? Revenue, publicity, interest from students who want to go to a school with an e-spprts team to "cheer" for them? Please provide details, as I am truly curious. What is the appeal to the universities and colleges in having an e-sports team?

I am referring to how the highest revenue is generated from the big sports like Football and Basketball; therefore, those sports are the highest funded and have the nicest facilities.

Former D1 volleyball player here. Thanks for the interesting AMA!

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I agree with that whole heartedly! You summed up what I was trying to say much better than I did. I'm notoriously awful at expressing myself verbally or in writing...just ask my husband. I'm trying to get better at it, day by day, but it's not my strong suit, talking.

I think you said it perfectly. To add, in life I just want to be respected for my choices and preferences and be able to share those. At the same time, I'm for whatever makes others happy, as long as it isnt harmful to anyone or rude/mean or causing lies/deceit/bullying/negativity that may impact others.

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Sorry, I'm a loner. It's my way of explaining how I've felt all my life. Happier people watching than being close to people. It's just a personal preference. And yes, children are germy. It isnt their fault, but kids get sick a ton. And so do their parents, who say they picked it up from their child who is sick every other week from a virus at daycare. It isn't meant to be derogatory. Everyone can feel their own way and still get along, here.

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I just was always a loner. I did not like having to stay in a place where I didnt know any of the kids. We moved every year or two until I was 14. I never new anyone and was quiet, introverted, and new.

I definitely agree that it isnt mutually exclusive. Very true statement. That being said my husband loved college while to me it was just a chore I wasnt paid for and needed to do for my future. So I get along fine with whatever your preferences are :-) I liked being a kid mostly for weekends, snow days, and summer break! Those are huge benefits that I agree - I definitely do not get as an adult. Great point!