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I never learned sign aside from the alphabet and some basic conversation (thank you, water, drink, have a nice day) and I live/worked service in a city with a very large deaf community. When I worked in printing we would often have deaf/HoH folks come in and my supervisor would always get frustrated and hand them off to me. They were always super nice and it took a good bit of extra time to write out our communications but the appreciation I got from being willing to slow down and really try to understand what they needed was worth it.

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Okay so you post all this information for an AmA and conveniently leave out that you're responsible for what is arguably one of the first "memes" that ever existed?

Long live dancing baby.

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Um. Username checks out?

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I was just describing a lucid dream I had the other morning. Was bizarre because my eyes were open and I even blinked a few times to be sure. But when I tried to conjure up fun stuff they blinked away into the mirages (I was in a sweeping desert environment)

Advice on getting things to stay or am I just hopelessly uncreative?