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I started the keto diet about 6 months ago and don't see myself changing back to a normal diet anytime soon. The only thing I truly miss is chocolate. The closest I can get is mixing 99% Dark Chocolate with heavy cream and adding Chocolate Flavored Stevia to sweeten it up. Do you have any low carb chocolate recipes you can share?

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Lets say you were to get into a moderate car accident, and received whiplash. Could your spine possibly sever again, or is it actually stronger now?

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How would you communicate? Do you use messaging apps on your phones that encrypt the text or do you just constantly get new burner sims?

How many apartments did you have? Wondering if you had place all around or if you cohabitated with other associates.

Thanks for all of your replies this has been super interesting to read, hope you are still around answering a few more!

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Not a bad lifestyle while it lasted, glad you made the most out of it.

I have watched the wire several times through so I am guessing they were pulling similar tactics to your team. I bet it is easy now adays to use some type of app that encrypts everything.

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I live in Bangkok, Thailand, here you would never run into that issue. All theaters, even the oldschool ones that do not even use computers have assigned seats. It is spectacular. You visit the theater, pick out your seat, grab a bit to eat, show up after all the previews/commercials, and your seat is sitting there waiting for you. Why has the US not caught onto this and force us to queue?!

PS, I know that some AMC's allow you to pick a seat, but not all.