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It could just be a load of hot air. You know how steam goes sometimes.

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Hiya. I'm nobody in particular but I was reading Slashdot over 10 years ago; I just happened to page down through this thread and found the link to the 9/11 story and that really brought home how long i'd been reading.

None of the news sites were working that day and Slashdot became one of the few places I could get any functional news. I had 15-20 people crowded around my desk as I was refreshing Slashdot (and Shacknews) to try and get any new information.

Admittedly I haven't visited in a while, but it was part of my regular timewasting trawl for quite a few years back there. I don't think I read it as early as 97, but I can't have stumbled upon it all that much later, as I was definitely visiting on a regular basis before 9/11. I only discovered Reddit relatively recently.. heh.

Thanks for doing an AMA, and for making a great site. That's all.

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I'll admit, I immediately thought of this upcoming movie.

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No-one would believe North Korea could be the bad guys without some competent help.