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For those who have not read your blog entirely yet, how would you explain the effects that being labelled a 'slut' had on your young life? What do you think could have been done to help improve your situation?

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Slut-shaming is a term often used to refer to the unfair treatment of women who are seen as sexually active by society. It's often contrasted with the idea that men who have sex are not demonized by society for doing so (or are alternatively pressured to be sexually active). For example, where I live an adult woman who hooks up with someone at a bar could be called a slut, or in the case given by OP people were bullying a 10-11 year old girl by calling her a slut. From a quick glance at the site linked, it looks like it's also addressing a problem where children call girls who develop breasts before their peers sluts (regardless of whether they are sexually active or not).