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CIA agents have cat fashion shows...

Part of me feels much safer knowing this.

The other part just got unreasonably terrified for the future of civilization.

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The movie Arrival, and "The Story of Your Life", the short story it's based on, explore similar themes as Slaughthouse Five. You might enjoy them.

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What are your thoughts on the film The Creeping Garden (2014)?

Slime molds are weird and I'm convinced they'll take over.

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I offer my humble variation:

side of marinara. side of alfredo. break breadstick in two. dip in one, dip in the other. eat. redip broken side but THE OTHER SAUCE FIRST. repeat 'til you hate yourself.

the sauce sides used to be free, but they copped to that years ago and started charging. no matter. worth it.

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Look up Julia Sweeny's comedy show "God Said 'Ha!'" She talks about her brother who had fluid build up in his head, and got a shunt put in, and he loved it so much she did a whole routine on it.


it's very funny. As a fellow hospital-frequenter, there's a REALLY dark medical humor category only fellow sickos can get.