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Oh my god, this is the best AMA I've read in awhile. To be honest, I never knew who you are until now, but oh my god I love Star Wars and this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your awesome work Mr. Roger Christian!!!

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I know this comment will never be seen, but I'd just like to try for some kind of response.

I know that you are obviously not the cause for my father's gambling addiction, but I'd just like to say he is an avid customer of these so-called "Game Rooms." He has even gone so far as to work at one of these establishments. We actually live in Southwest Houston.

I truly do not want to hate you directly, but I just want to vent for a bit over my hatred for these hidden, mini-casinos that have caused my father to go and even steal money from my mother to go play. Some weeks he has even asked her for a couple hundred dollars to go play, and she gives it to him! She also goes to them herself!

I understand this is a personal matter and it is due to my own family's faults, but I feel these 'rooms' have some kind of hand in the corruption of my father and even other father's (some of them my own uncles and family friends) due to their convenient locations (i.e gas stations, fake video game stores, abandoned stores with tinted windows, nearby strip malls).

Thank you for your time. =)