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I talked to Russian IT'ers in China who moved there and just kept a server in Russia so they could easily do their job from a distance. China is(was) cheaper too so maybe that's an option? Unless you plan on making a game about Xinnie the poo having gay sex too. Then I'd consider some European country :D

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I'd look at your options. Never hurts to plan before they block you from traveling.
It would be a lot less stress on you, your neighbours, friends and family. Only downside is not seeing them often..
Easy for me to say this, but obviously you need to decide how close you want to cut it.

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It might suprise you, but not everyone knows Russian :D It's all about exposure. He pissed of the Russian regime so he runs to China. Why do you think Edward Snowden is safer in Russia then in the US. So far (cause he has done some things) he hasn't done too much damage in Russia yet so they leave him be.

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I think that means no one has died yet. Although if the sport grows, there will be a person falling onto his axe one day.