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FYI: the Koran is in Arabic. A 'translation' of the Koran into another language is usually described as an interpretation of the Koran. God spoke to Mohammed in Arabic, and the Koran is in Arabic.

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"these were originally developed for special ed and learning disabled students, but we are now recommending them for regular classrooms."

This pegs my troll meter

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It is pretty clever, but I think they did it out of sincere religious belief, not out of a ploy to keep things from changing too much.

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Maybe we'll get great new zerg units in the next game.

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Is copyright reform really a local issue anywhere?

I could understand people against it might be clustered in, say, Hollywood, but if your natural constituency is a small percentage of the general population, where are you going to start winning?

Sounds to me like you are going to have to flesh out the rest of your platform stat.