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PI Attorney here—

Not sure which company you’re with, but generally speaking, what can we be doing to make your lives easier / increase the speed and efficiency of resolving client’s claims?

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All great advice, definitely will try to incorporate some of these into our yearly workflow revisions.


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Disclaimer, haven’t bothered to read the whole TOS—but my educated, wild ass guess is that the particular clause (re not being married) is probably a CYA clause meant to protect the site from being considered an accessory to and/or promoting adultery, which is illegal in a number of states.

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So not sure about Florida, as their insurance laws are different, but many jurisdictions require that policies sold to citizens of a state are reformed to meet state minimum standards.

For example, your FL issued 15/30 policy automatically becomes a 25/50 policy in SC under certain scenarios. This is a pretty complex area that varies greatly from state to state, so your friend should definitely speak with a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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Depending on the carrier and nature of the collision it shouldnt be too difficult of a process.

If other party is clearly at fault, liability carrier should tender limits immediately and depending on jurisdiction, settlement may require court approval.

Just stay in contact with your lawyer they’ll get it taken care of for you, and should be able to help you find any other potential avenues of recovery.

Sorry for your loss.