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So many questions... so many

Most of your childhood took place during the war, and your adolescent after what was the biggest struggle for you personally as a young girl at the end of the war?

Were you in east or west Germany? and how did your family adapt to the allied forces occupying your region of Germany (Russian or other)?

Why did your family leave Germany? and if you were in East Germany, how did you get out?

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Hi Matisyahu,

I saw you play at Flames Central in Calgary a few years ago. The show was AMAZING. I hope you come back to our end of the frozen north again at some point. Back at the start of your success at a performer you were a very orthodox Hasidic Jew, I remember watching the video for “King Without a Crown” and thinking this guy is awesome. It was probably the first, and still one of the few times I have listened to predominantly religious inspired music and really enjoyed it. (Christian rock is very preachy a lot of the time.)

In recent years your image as well as your music has changed in many ways. How do you feel the relation between your faith and your music is these days and how much did your changes in your personal life effect your music?

Akeda is an awesome album, and I wear my pre-order shirt on a near weekly basis.

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As a shark trainer, have you trained any other marine or land animals, and if so how does training sharks differ from them?