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Hi Mike! Tell your parents Gilbert and I say hello! They were one of our very favorite interviews. To answer your question, yes, Jeremy is left-handed. We’ve asked a few experts about this but it seems that, unless the exact position of the suspect in relation to the victim’s body is known, it’s really difficult to use this as evidence. Basically, we don’t know exactly how Jeremy was standing or kneeling while this crime took place, so we don’t know whether the hand he used is evident in the autopsy.

- K.D.

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The State Attorneys in the 10th circuit have really dug their heels in on this case. They’ve had many opportunities over the years to correct this injustice, but it seems that they never really entertained the possibility that Jeremy Scott might be the person responsible for Michelle Schofield’s death. It’s honestly hard for me to believe that anyone could look at all the evidence in this case and not come to the same conclusion that we did. So, I constantly find myself wondering if the State Attorneys really believe what they’re saying about this case is the truth, or if they’ve just dug themselves in so deep that they can’t do anything but maintain the same flawed narrative they’ve been spouting for years. I’m not sure what it would take to convince the current State Attorney Brian Haas to turn the case over to a conviction integrity review unit, but we’re hoping that with attention and public pressure, he’ll feel obligated to do so. Or, even better, he’ll feel moved to do the right thing.


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I’m so happy to hear that someone local has been listening. I don’t have much to recommend at the moment – other than signing and sharing the petition we’ve been directing everyone to. But I would encourage you (and everyone, really) to pay attention to local elections! They matter. The position of State Attorney is an elected position. So far, publicity for this story and for Leo’s case has mostly been through word of mouth, which we definitely believe in the power of. Talking about Bone Valley and Leo’s case with friends, family, and coworkers can make a difference. Hopefully, with that this’ll eventually become unavoidable for folks in power to confront.


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You can sign this petition! Leo’s attorneys have been keeping us up to date on their efforts, and if anything else comes from that, we’ll certainly be posting about it on twitter (@ lavaforgood, @ gilbert_king, @ kelseykdecker)

- K.D.

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Thank you. Yes, I have tried to stay in touch with Jeremy, but it has been difficult because he is frequently disciplined and placed in Close Management (solitary confinement) for long periods of time. He’s also transferred a lot to different institutions, and he loses privileges, like access to inmate email services. But I did receive a letter from him last week, telling me he was back in Close Management.

- G.K.