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This question is one we would talk about in our trail fam for fun—

If you were to be sponsored by a non-hiking/athletic/gear company, who would it be?

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If you’re talking about strictly self-supported trail records then i agree.. But if you’re talking about distance and women being “competitively comparable”, google Courtney Dauwalter

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True about JPD. I guess you answered my own question in your original post. My bad.
But again you are talking about when women become competitively comparable. The gap at which CD won Moab isn’t competitive to you? I’m confused.
Side note: I listened to Rogan but im a runner first and podcast listener way later down my list of things that I am. Haha So i have also read much more on her. That interview didn’t really turn her into a god.. in fact I think it humanized a sport that so many overanalyze and try to really narrow down to a science..
Anyway I’m not Anish and this was intended for her.